#ArtBlog 46: The Reindeer Three

#ArtBlog 46: The Reindeer Three

December 2007:

Good things came to The Ray Mann Three this Christmas: from rubbing shoulders with De La Soul, to walking offstage at our summer music festival debut – and collapsing

Feel Good Festival, was the first time RM3 had shared the stage with internationals. In a rare, lovely melding of schedules, I was also performing at Feel Good with my other band at the time, Kid Confucius. This was the first of several times I got to watch De La Soul from side-of-stage over that summer: Kid C spent that summer on the festival circuit, sharing the same stage with De La, Amp Fiddler and Gotye. It was a great way to wind up my tenure with that band – by the end of the summer, I’d made the difficult, emotional decision to leave Kid C to focus on RM3.

The prospect of suiting up for our first performance at the swelteringly hot Peats Ridge Festival seemed insane – nearly 40 degrees out, most folks were sweating naked, and here we were scraping on our starched shirts and ties, our uniform at the time. Then suddenly we weren’t feeling so hot anymore; in fact, I felt pretty good. I suddenly understood why Sheiks do it, and decided this was totally logical, I was Egyptian. We played, had a great show, I walked off stage, took a sip of red wine, and every muscle in my body screamed.

I had no idea what was happening. It felt least painful when I lay flat on the grass. My drummer Grant grabbed me a water, and as I sipped, I felt the water enter and then suddenly spread throughout my body, putting out every single fire in my aching muscles. So much for my turn as Lawrence’s Omar Sherif.

Months later, while working on the ‘Opa Opa’ music video, I’d become pretty fond of this poster design and figured it would work well in the clip. I quickly doodled an idea for how the reindeer would move, what their little narrative arc would be, on the back of a coaster while between beers at the pub:

The animated segment probably came together the easiest of all the little vignettes in the music video:

Some folks have said the reindeer scene stands out in the context of the ‘Opa Opa’ music video. Whether they mean that in a good way or a bad way, I’m not sure. Here it is in context in the $50 Music Video for ‘Opa Opa’ – judge it for yourself:

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