#ArtBlog 22: 'Opa Opa' The Musical, The Cartoon, The T-Shirt

#ArtBlog 22: ‘Opa Opa’ The Musical, The Cartoon, The T-Shirt

June 2009: 

The track spoke to the video spoke to the EP spoke to this poster. Wha…?

The imagery for this tour poster was taken from the “Opa Opa” EP artwork, which in turn was taken from the “Opa Opa” music video. The video’s colour palette differs from this poster – the browns and oranges of the album cover; however, I’d already established that each release was to be a different colour:

Pastel red (or “pink”) was the next in line, so that’s what “Opa Opa” became. I’d already been working on the clip for 6 months before I made this decision, and I wasn’t about to go back and re-colour the entire animation. So instead, I made just one section of the clip turn red: the breakdown of the track is accompanied by a scene where night falls, various scenes come to a standstill, and [spoiler alert! Heheh, always wanted to say that about one of my own videos…] the guy gets pinched and ultimately cut into two pieces by the giant arrows. Then the song (and colour scheme) snaps back into place and the action continues:

It all worked out in three ways: the music video benefited from the colour adjustment in that section; keeping that colour adjustment to one section meant less work for me; and I got to keep the colour scheme of the artwork series going.

Most Ray Mann Three gig posters only need to mention two or three things (venue, date, website). This month’s poster had thirteen tour dates, a free mp3 download offer, the digital single announcement, and the album all needing to be mentioned, which made it the second-greatest amount of information that ever needed to be included in a single Ray Mann poster (the most type was in the poster for the previous year’s Australian tour, which comprised 30 dates). I thought it might be nice to break up that info with an arrow-shaped wedge between the type, to imply a continued attack from below so that the dynamism wasn’t restricted to the top half of the poster.

More on the accompanying artwork and the music video next month, on the anniversary of its release…