#ArtBlog 17: We On Award Tour

#ArtBlog 17: We On Award Tour

May 2009

I hate sticking photos of me and / or us on promo art – but this time, the brief didn’t come from me…

It had been a year since my debut album The Ray Mann Three had been released. In the months since, we’d undertaken our first national tour (the poster for which this poster was based on), released three digital singles (and the $50 music videos that accompanied them), and played a bunch of shows. We were set to round out the album promo run with one more national tour (which included the ‘Live At The Basement’ show, which is still regularly broadcast on ABC Australia).

With live shows and the web being tended to (and with radio love well beyond our control), MGM, who distributes the album, suggested some more attention be given to one area the band hadn’t visited since first releasing the album: the record store.

With a national tour coming up, MGM suggested getting these retail strip posters put up at stores in the towns we’d be playing. They showed me examples of strip posters they’d had made for some of their other artists, so I could understand the conventions: quotes, reviews, the album cover, and of course a photo of the band.

What you see here is two drafts of the retail strip poster I designed. In the end, using a photo instead of a sketch on the retail poster was actually a good way to introduce the new band lineup: Grant Gerathy, who had been filling in for original drummer Bart Denaro, was now the official drummer of The Ray Mann Three – so it was nice to be able to feature Grant in the new promo material.